22:45 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
22:42 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
22:38 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
added comments about HistoricalMisc? (diff)
22:36 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
17:21 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
17:17 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
Added my understanding of how this would work in practice (diff)
16:59 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
corrected 6.1 and 6.2 to 1.1 and 1.2 (diff)
16:49 ticket/930 edited by charlotte
added r<N> for "realisation" number & corrected p<M> to i<M> (diff)
16:02 Ticket #933 (update centre names) created by charlotte
The centre names need to be updated in the next questionnaire update. …
15:47 Ticket #932 (fix id on experiment 5.4 doc) created by gerry
The id of the stc numerical requirement on experiment 5.4 needs fixed to …
14:59 ticket/930 edited by bryan
14:58 ticket/930 edited by bryan
14:57 ticket/930 edited by bryan
14:18 ticket/930 edited by bryan
14:17 ticket/930 edited by bryan
14:15 Changeset [2586] by gerry
Adding new field 'drsMember' to simulation class
14:14 Changeset [2585] by gerry
Tidying up simulationHandler code
14:11 Changeset [2584] by gerry
Making South aware of custom fields
14:10 Changeset [2583] by gerry
Restricting the number of characters that can be enetered for a input …
13:33 tickets/920 edited by bryan
13:32 Changeset [2582] by hans
commit tds2cim tool, version 5.0.3 (new parser output in new background …
13:13 ticket/930 created by bryan


16:49 ticket/11 edited by sarah
16:37 Changeset [2581] by hans
commit tds2cim tool, version 5.0.2 (new parser and new background database …


17:01 Changeset [2580] by gerry
changed version number to most recent
17:00 Changeset [2579] by gerry
Added and modified example documents in the test feed (based on Mark E's …


14:01 Changeset [2578] by paul
Modified ComponentProperty? validation check.
11:17 WP3_minutes_13january2011.doc attached to WP3/telcos/05 by sebastien
WP3 telco minutes january 2011


15:36 Changeset [2577] by gerry
removed redundant bryanPlay file
10:34 CMIP5/QuestionnaireOpenLetter edited by charlotte


15:01 Changeset [2576] by hans
commit tds2cim tool, version 5.0.2, switch to new parser / postgres …
14:54 tickets/249 edited by paul
14:39 Changeset [2575] by hans
commit GN version 1.5_2.4_2011_01_21, label file
14:34 Changeset [2574] by hans
commit GN version 1.5_2.4_2011_01_21
07:55 Changeset [2573] by hans
commit GN version 1.5_2.4_2011_01_20, label file


16:05 Changeset [2572] by gerry
Removed ensemble member 1 entry forms on ensemble page


14:11 DissemWorkshopAgenda edited by sarah
14:09 DissemWorkshopAgenda created by sarah
13:56 tickets/31 edited by sarah
13:54 tickets/31 edited by sarah
13:53 tickets/31 edited by sarah


15:14 Ticket #895 (Which CMIP5 experiments might need to use a model mod) closed by charlotte
fixed: All CPDN simulations will make use of model mods
14:58 tickets/709 edited by allyn
14:56 Changeset [2571] by allyn
changed namespace parameter back to …
10:47 Changeset [2570] by gerry
Percentage completion calculated during direct validation (and showing on …
10:11 Ticket #810 (Confirm that model mods can be used for turning off components) closed by charlotte
fixed: We added unused to the drop down list of model mod "types" So this ticket …


20:28 Ticket #487 (Supporting the inclusion of multiple CIM Objects in a CIM Document) closed by allyn
fixed: This feature has been modified slightly.  It turned out that the CIMRecord …
20:27 tickets/709 edited by allyn
19:58 Changeset [2569] by allyn
made CIM namespace a parameter to be passed to the concim2appcim code
19:28 Changeset [2568] by allyn
CIMRecord deprecated and CIMRecordSet renamed to CIMDocumentSet (in …
18:35 Changeset [2567] by allyn
CIM_Measure is now being used w/in quality package
12:44 tickets/249 edited by paul
12:18 Ticket #931 (Questionnaire Reporting - model description league table) created by charlotte
Report how far each centre has got with their model description and also …
11:45 Ticket #930 (Experiment Names and RIP) created by charlotte
Where is the best place to address the complexity of CMIP5 …
11:33 Ticket #929 (bias correction in the questionnaire?) created by charlotte
Bias correction method, can/should we collect information about this with …


15:11 Ticket #928 (Give the simulation class an external_ID attribute) created by charlotte
Hi Allyn, We would like to add an external_ID attribute to the simulation …
14:44 Changeset [2566] by domlowe
Check-in: 14/01/2011 14:44:09
14:42 tickets/920 edited by domlowe
finished notes on ea fullmoon processing (diff)
14:41 quality.png attached to tickets/920 by domlowe
adding quality diagram
14:28 shared.png attached to tickets/920 by domlowe
adding quality shared package dependency diagram
14:28 packagedepend.png attached to tickets/920 by domlowe
adding quality shared package dependency diagram
14:13 tickets/920 edited by domlowe
more on fullmoon (diff)
14:06 tickets/920 edited by domlowe
Notes on fullmoon conversion for quality - wip (diff)


21:59 Changeset [2565] by rupert
Updated questionaire software cv (including grids) with MP's latest …
11:46 Changeset [2564] by hans
delete some javascript files
11:32 Changeset [2563] by hans
delet some javascript files
11:29 tickets/249 edited by paul
11:06 Changeset [2562] by gerry
added version history info
11:05 Changeset [2561] by gerry
Changed version number
10:41 Changeset [2560] by gerry
changed length of allowed characters to 1024 on keyboardparam fields
10:04 ticket/630 edited by mariepierre


10:32 Changeset [2559] by gerry
Changing reference to CIM version
10:15 WP4/Agile edited by markmorgan
10:09 ticket/11 edited by charlotte
added dates of y3 meeting and accommodation costs at Cosener's (diff)
10:04 WP3/telcos/05 edited by markmorgan
10:04 WP3/telcos/05 edited by markmorgan
10:03 WP3/telcos edited by markmorgan
10:02 WP3/telcos edited by markmorgan
10:01 WP3/telcos edited by markmorgan
10:01 WP3/telcos/05 created by markmorgan
09:44 ticket/11 edited by charlotte
09:39 ticket/11 edited by charlotte


15:14 tickets/925 edited by allyn
15:00 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
14:01 Changeset [2558] by gerry
updating models to allow a coupling to be designated as unused
13:46 Changeset [2557] by gerry
reordered tab layout
12:37 tickets/249 edited by paul
10:12 tickets/925 edited by charlotte


16:39 tickets/927 edited by sarah
16:20 tickets/927 edited by sarah
16:18 tickets/927 edited by markmorgan
16:16 tickets/927 edited by markmorgan
15:29 tickets/927 edited by sarah
15:21 Changeset [2556] by gerry
Allows user to switch off a previously entered binding that may no longer …
15:04 tickets/927 edited by sarah
14:17 tickets/926 edited by gerry
14:16 tickets/927 edited by sarah
13:32 tickets/927 created by sarah
13:27 Ticket #927 (General abstract for EGU2011) created by sarah
13:07 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
12:29 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
12:23 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
12:22 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
added author affiliations (diff)
12:12 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
12:09 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
changed title to reflect statistical downscaling emphasis (diff)
11:22 tickets/926 edited by gerry
11:21 tickets/926 edited by gerry
11:12 tickets/926 edited by gerry
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11:08 tickets/249 edited by paul
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10:58 tickets/926 edited by charlotte
added some technical keywords (diff)
10:51 tickets/926 edited by gerry
10:50 tickets/926 edited by gerry
10:50 tickets/926 edited by gerry
10:33 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
removed text from previous iteration - we can access it through wiki … (diff)
10:25 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
10:25 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
10:19 tickets/925 edited by charlotte


22:19 Changeset [2555] by rupert
Modified q2ESG* scripts so that they can be called from a different …
21:11 tickets/926 edited by bryan


17:24 tickets/926 edited by bryan
17:09 tickets/925 edited by mariepierre
15:44 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
made CIM content in the abstract more explicit (diff)
14:33 tickets/926 edited by charlotte
14:23 tickets/926 created by charlotte
wiki for the questionnaire abstract
14:20 Ticket #926 (Questionnaire abstract for EGU2011) created by charlotte
14:15 tickets/925 edited by michel
14:08 tickets/925 edited by charlotte
14:04 tickets/925 created by charlotte
wiki for CV abstract EGU2011
14:03 Ticket #925 (CV abstract for EGU 2011) created by charlotte
write an abstract for EGU and submit it by Monday 10th January 2011


17:45 Changeset [2554] by gerry
Added 'Unused' as an extra term in the modelmodtype vocab, which will …
11:19 tickets/920 edited by bryan
11:17 OGC Met-Ocean DWG+Its-about-time+2010-12-10 (TANDY) v2.1.pdf attached to tickets/920 by bryan
Current OGC and WMO proposal for meteorological time using O&M
11:09 Changeset [2553] by gerry
updated cimv to cim version 1.4 so that experiment documents can be read …


16:28 Changeset [2552] by hans
commit tds2cim tool, version 5.0.1 (first step toward elixir db access)
14:57 tickets/920/sidl created by bryan
14:56 tickets/920 edited by bryan
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