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Conformance for partial fulfilment of a spatiotemporal constraint

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Priority: blocker Milestone: V1.2 Questionnaire release
Component: WP6 - CMIP5 Questionnaire Version: 1.1
Keywords: Cc: mark, gerry, sylvia,paul, allyn
Requirement: http://metaforclimate.eu/Work-Package-2/Developing-the-CIM/Project-Requirements-summary.htm


We need a new term to describe the partial fulfilment of a spatiotemporal constraint.
Users need to be able to select this term from the list of conformance CV that drops down under
"How this simulation Conformed:"

suggest: Partly Conforms

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Context from Mark:

I'm mulling over how to deal with one of our simulations (piControl). The experimental requirement calls for 500 years of data. We are in the process of delivering 250 years (the most important) of data to BADC now and the remaining 250 years will probably be one of the last datasets we deliver. 

I want to complete the simulation record for piControl and I have put the end-date as 2359 (i.e. 500 years). But we will only be delivering 250 years for the forseeable future. Do the quality checks performed by ESG confirm that the dates in the questionnaire response match the data delivered. Clearly this would mean that the piControl would not be available to users - big problem. If it doesn't include the check I can simply add some text that initially only the first 250 years will be available and then update it when we deliver the final set. 

I did consider breaking it into two simulations, but then I would have to put "non-conformant" on the spatio_temporal constraint for that experiment. 

What is the preferred method for dealing with this situation (BTW its not going to be an isolated case - though probably the most important. We have a number of runs where we intend to go back and addd 100-150 years to the initial run when we have time). 

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First thoughts on this...

We have assigned a “perpetual period” calendar type to the piControl  (start date and end date are the same).  So when describing this experiment you should enter the start date and the number of years.

I don’t know what quality control checks are performed by ESG.

I would enter one piControl simulation now and another piControl later and use the “extends” relationship to link them with each other.

As for conformance... it looks like we  could do with a new term to describe the partial fulfilment of a spatiotemporal constraint.   I’m vacillating about the conformance criteria but at the time of writing I landed on: No your simulation does not conform to the requirement start in 1850 and run for 500 years.  You should say does not conform and use the notes box to explain that it runs for part of the required time.

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