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Ticket Summary Cc Status Owner Type Priority
#237 include sequencing info in the CIM rupert new allyn Issue blocker
#252 Questionnaire Validation protocol: UML sequence diagrams bryan, rupert, allyn new lois Task blocker
#527 Provide Validated Document Export for ESG gerry, rupert assigned paul Task blocker
#771 model mod: parameter change appears as code mod! gerry, rupert assigned gerry Bug blocker
#868 Feeds, DocumentSets and a Test for Sylvia gerry, allyn, rupert, sylvia, charlotte, mark assigned charlotte Task blocker
#870 Simplification and Rationalisation on the way CIM 2.0 rupert, domlowe assigned bryan Task blocker
#973 Changes to Input Conformance require updates to validation charlotte, gerry, rupert new paul Task blocker
#975 Input components satisfying bindings should be exempt from usual componentProperty validation charlotte, gerry, rupert new paul Task blocker
#994 Make mindmap to questionnaire checker available through a web browser rupert markmorgan new paul Task blocker
#997 add experiment 7.4 to the questionnaire rupert gerry sylvia new charlotte Task blocker
#665 Update input details for "Input resolution" mariepierre, rupert, valcke assigned gerry Issue critical
#683 Document TAMIP experiments in questionnaire gerry, mark, rupert assigned charlotte Task critical
#722 Compile udunits lists for qn unit entries allyn, rupert, bryan, hans new gerry Task critical
#742 Live updates to definitions in the mindmaps ? rupert assigned charlotte Issue critical
#747 Files: "mostly used in experiment" list not working rupert, mark assigned gerry Task critical
#761 Incorporate CIM schema and CMIP5 validation into Questionnaire rupert, gerry, bryan assigned paul Task critical
#778 implement Controlled Vocabularies rupert, paul new allyn Task critical
#840 Allow reference to already described components/grid components rupert, charlotte, phil, marke assigned gerry Task critical
#877 put the 'export text' button on the key properties page rupert, mark new gerry Task critical
#921 Model mods for perturbed physics ensembles bryan, gerry, rupert, mark, allyn assigned charlotte Task critical
#263 translating from our uml conceptual model to rdfs rupert new paolo Task major
#616 What happens to old references if artefact being referred to changes? bryan rupert balaji new allyn Issue major
#702 is a better distinction between a Platform and Machine needed? bryan, rupert, allyn assigned gerry Task major
#764 Parameter Value Definitions rupert gerry new mariepierre Task major
#867 Change 'validated percentage' indicator to integer rupert, paul, charlotte new gerry Task major
#875 'Inputs required' at top model level charlotte, rupert assigned gerry Issue major
#978 Document and package patch for libXML2 GML bug mark, rupert assigned paul Task major
#992 Persistence and configuration of portal and associated software rupert, mark new paul Task major
#733 CMIP5 Questionnaire Development Effort gerry, mark, rupert, sylvia, allyn assigned charlotte Task trivial
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