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#746 how to reference documents that haven't been archived yet bryan, mark new METAFOR Task blocker
#868 Feeds, DocumentSets and a Test for Sylvia gerry, allyn, rupert, sylvia, charlotte, mark assigned charlotte Task blocker
#940 New simulation relationship required allyn mark sylvia assigned gerry Task blocker
#941 Conformance for partial fulfilment of a spatiotemporal constraint mark, gerry, sylvia, paul, allyn assigned charlotte Task blocker
#964 validation of conformance needs updating gerry, charlotte, mark new paul Task blocker
#994 Make mindmap to questionnaire checker available through a web browser rupert markmorgan new paul Task blocker
#59 Revised Metadata delivered into system markmorgan, lfairhead reopened sebastien Task critical
#541 Highlight mandatory fields hans, mark assigned gerry Task critical
#649 Questionnaire support gerry, mark assigned charlotte Task critical
#683 Document TAMIP experiments in questionnaire gerry, mark, rupert assigned charlotte Task critical
#684 Documenting non-overlapping "ensembles" for CMIP5 Mark, Gerry, Bryan, allyn, paco assigned charlotte Task critical
#747 Files: "mostly used in experiment" list not working rupert, mark assigned gerry Task critical
#779 Example Questionnaire Content mariepierre, ericg, gerry, mark assigned charlotte Task critical
#788 Demonstration Telcos mark, gerry, mariepierre new charlotte Task critical
#840 Allow reference to already described components/grid components rupert, charlotte, phil, marke assigned gerry Task critical
#877 put the 'export text' button on the key properties page rupert, mark new gerry Task critical
#897 Introduce 'pop-up box' style functionality for adding/attaching charlotte, markmorgan assigned gerry Task critical
#898 Warning/Information messages charlotte, markmorgan assigned gerry Task critical
#899 Restructuring of the QN general layout charlotte, markmorgan assigned gerry Task critical
#906 CV updates to platforms mark, gerry, mariepierre assigned charlotte Task critical
#921 Model mods for perturbed physics ensembles bryan, gerry, rupert, mark, allyn assigned charlotte Task critical
#929 bias correction in the questionnaire? bryan, mark, gerry new charlotte Issue critical
#939 what happened Mark's descriptions and references? mark new gerry Task critical
#522 Review enumeration lists before release mark assigned mariepierre Task major
#617 Diagram with agreed terms for the CIM lifecycles bryan markmorgan allyn new hans Task major
#626 Identify what metadata should be captured from Ensembles for the portal paco, michel, sebastien, markmorgan new antonio Task major
#627 General questionnaire development gerry, sebastien, bryan, paco, markmorgan assigned charlotte Task major
#630 Statistical Downscaling controlled vocabulary mind map antonio, gerry, michel, sebastien, markmorgan assigned mariepierre Task major
#650 Life cycle of CIM instances markmorgan new allyn Issue major
#725 Testing datasets published on a thredds to test Hans tools : threds2cim s2d case paco sebastien markmorgan new hans Task major
#726 Testing datasets ENSEMBLES M&D data centenial case cera2cim sebastien, markmorgan new hans Task major
#750 Filter simulations by experiments on the summary page mark, charlotte, sylvia new gerry Task major
#900 modify style sheets to improve styling charlotte, markmorgan assigned gerry Task major
#978 Document and package patch for libXML2 GML bug mark, rupert assigned paul Task major
#992 Persistence and configuration of portal and associated software rupert, mark new paul Task major
#733 CMIP5 Questionnaire Development Effort gerry, mark, rupert, sylvia, allyn assigned charlotte Task trivial
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