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#252 Questionnaire Validation protocol: UML sequence diagrams bryan, rupert, allyn new lois Task blocker
#746 how to reference documents that haven't been archived yet bryan, mark new METAFOR Task blocker
#862 Add required CIM software component information allyn, valke, sylvia, kristin, bryan assigned rupert Task blocker
#1004 No common key between TDS-DRS data and CIM instances charlotte, bryan, gerry assigned gerry Issue blocker
#246 Questionnaire Approval Procedure bryan assigned ericg Task critical
#661 Controlled vocabulary for zero level model type bryan new gerry Task critical
#684 Documenting non-overlapping "ensembles" for CMIP5 Mark, Gerry, Bryan, allyn, paco assigned charlotte Task critical
#716 "top level" component uses "Attributes" rather than "General Attributes" bryan, charlotte new gerry Task critical
#722 Compile udunits lists for qn unit entries allyn, rupert, bryan, hans new gerry Task critical
#761 Incorporate CIM schema and CMIP5 validation into Questionnaire rupert, gerry, bryan assigned paul Task critical
#846 Do we want to ask ensemble information for ensemble member 1? mariepierre, charlotte, bryan, eric assigned gerry Issue critical
#873 Allow copying of models with/without bindings charlotte, bryan, hans assigned gerry Issue critical
#921 Model mods for perturbed physics ensembles bryan, gerry, rupert, mark, allyn assigned charlotte Task critical
#929 bias correction in the questionnaire? bryan, mark, gerry new charlotte Issue critical
#483 Experiment Length Ambiguity bryan assigned gerry Task major
#500 Clarify requirement to declare Variables as well as Files wrt ICs and BCs mariepierre, bryan, gerry assigned charlotte Task major
#616 What happens to old references if artefact being referred to changes? bryan rupert balaji new allyn Issue major
#617 Diagram with agreed terms for the CIM lifecycles bryan markmorgan allyn new hans Task major
#625 How to govern ConCIM UML and transformation method to AppCIM and how to get CIM v2 bryan new lois Task major
#627 General questionnaire development gerry, sebastien, bryan, paco, markmorgan assigned charlotte Task major
#642 Copying questionnaire instances between institutions ericg, bryan assigned charlotte Issue major
#656 How will the questionnaire deal with hindcasts? bryan, charlotte new gerry Issue major
#702 is a better distinction between a Platform and Machine needed? bryan, rupert, allyn assigned gerry Task major
#756 Create 'Quality CIM' interface in questionnaire bryan assigned gerry Task major
#787 Create a 'site down/under construction' page charlotte, bryan, pkershaw new gerry Task major
#817 input mods are not available for simulations charlotte, bryan new gerry Issue major
#848 Namespace issues in Quality Schema bryan.lawrence@… new allyn Issue major
#943 Alert user to simultaneous access to a qn page charlotte, bryan assigned gerry Task major
#491 Add more explanatory text for responsible parties bryan, mariepierre, gerry reopened gerry Task minor
#677 Add text to inform user that there is no need to fill out own institution's party details bryan new gerry Issue minor
#751 the source simulation appears in the related simulation list charlotte, bryan new gerry Issue minor
#768 Write override for Yui button Listener charlotte, bryan new gerry Task minor
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