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#252 Questionnaire Validation protocol: UML sequence diagrams bryan, rupert, allyn new lois Task blocker
#862 Add required CIM software component information allyn, valke, sylvia, kristin, bryan assigned rupert Task blocker
#868 Feeds, DocumentSets and a Test for Sylvia gerry, allyn, rupert, sylvia, charlotte, mark assigned charlotte Task blocker
#913 differences in CV between grid mindmaps and CIM mariepierre, charlotte, allyn assigned mariepierre Task blocker
#925 CV abstract for EGU 2011 mariepierre, gerry, allyn assigned charlotte Task blocker
#936 drs matching hans, charlotte, martina.stockhause@…, allynt@… assigned gerry Task blocker
#937 provide a drs matching query view of the questionnaire hans, charlotte, martina.stockhause@…, allynt@… new gerry Task blocker
#940 New simulation relationship required allyn mark sylvia assigned gerry Task blocker
#941 Conformance for partial fulfilment of a spatiotemporal constraint mark, gerry, sylvia, paul, allyn assigned charlotte Task blocker
#956 timetable effort on differencing hans, allyn new bryan Task blocker
#572 Numerical Requirements for Interesting Transitions allyn, lois, kristin new charlotte Issue critical
#684 Documenting non-overlapping "ensembles" for CMIP5 Mark, Gerry, Bryan, allyn, paco assigned charlotte Task critical
#722 Compile udunits lists for qn unit entries allyn, rupert, bryan, hans new gerry Task critical
#921 Model mods for perturbed physics ensembles bryan, gerry, rupert, mark, allyn assigned charlotte Task critical
#935 questionnaire and CIM need to be able to handle deployments gerry, sylvia, allyn new paul Task critical
#999 CIM 1.92 open issues - placeholder ticket allyn reopened domlowe Task critical
#533 EnsembleInputMods: What info is required in the Inputs Box? mariepierre, allyn new charlotte Task major
#617 Diagram with agreed terms for the CIM lifecycles bryan markmorgan allyn new hans Task major
#702 is a better distinction between a Platform and Machine needed? bryan, rupert, allyn assigned gerry Task major
#905 platform and simulation processors allyn, gerry new charlotte Task major
#733 CMIP5 Questionnaire Development Effort gerry, mark, rupert, sylvia, allyn assigned charlotte Task trivial
#986 cim v1.7 allyn new domlowe Task trivial
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